What is the Alexander Technique for?

For Stress

Learn how to meet the stress in your life in a positive way.

Stress cannot be avoided in life. Much of the stress we encounter surrounds even the things we love in our lives …family, our professions. Stress is often something which energizes us to take action, which wakes us up. It can also be caused by difficult situations over which we have little control. But it is the way we react to stress which determines our experience of it. The Alexander Technique gives you a real tool for dealing with stress.

For Pain

Reverse the cycle 

When we experience pain we tend to try to protect ourselves from it by contracting against it, often causing even more pain. The Alexander Technique can help you break and reverse that frustrating cycle. It is one of the most successful ways to overcome chronic pain.

For Overall Health and Well-Being

Enhance your sense of being comfortable in your body and mind

Unconscious patterns, habits of thought and of muscle, cause mal-coordination which wastes energy and create conflict in our daily life. When we discover how do let go of these of patterns we feel much more energetic and our attitudes become more positive. The Alexander Technique, in a highly practical way, enables you to live more harmoniously in your body and mind.

For Musicians

As musicians we are learning about three things: the music, the instrument and ourselves.  Of the three the last is by far the most important, since all else depends upon it, but because of the complexity, specificity and vastness of the process of learning an instrument, we tend to spend the least amount of time on self awareness…until we are in pain or feel stuck in some way.

The Alexander Technique offers a way to approach all aspects of the music itself, our instrumental technique and our personal connection to the instrument. It allows us to play without constriction. It gives us a way to learn, so that our process as artists is ever deepening and open-ended.

For Athletes

Less pain, more gain

The Alexander Technique offers a way for athletes to avoid injury and improve their form and performance from the inside out by learning to pay closer attention to their bodies’ natural functioning.

For Unlocking your Full Potential

A practical and highly effective way to move past blocks and self-limitation

We all get in our own way; by working too hard at things, by thinking in a disorganized way, by falling into our habits, and becoming discouraged. The Alexander Technique gives you a new way to think about pursuing your goals—without anxiety and with greater clarity.

For Actors

Acting requires that one be fully present, available to the moment, an open channel for the intentions of the character. Any contraction or blockage…of body, breath, imagination…makes the character less believable and less genuine, and weakens the impact of the actor’s performance. The Alexander Technique can help overcome these unconscious blockages. By so doing it is also a powerful tool for dealing with stage fright and voice problems, and is a very real way of developing and enhancing the actors presence on stage or screen.